Project Liberty seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to an open, inclusive data economy that puts citizens in control. At the core is a shift from centralized to decentralized—a future in which all people, not just the few, directly benefit from their participation and contribution. The success of this work, in fact, depends on many people and organizations actively working together to shape a better future.

The determined team behind the earliest stages of Project Liberty is working to pave the way for these many contributors by actively engaging diverse voices, and equipping them with the critical infrastructure they need to catalyze change. We have developed the technology to make a shared, community governed social network possible—now available to the public as open source code. And we are bringing together networks of organizations that seek change—including the formation of an Institute with Georgetown University and Sciences Po focused on leveraging technology to drive the common good.

The inception of a new model

Out of rising concern over deteriorating social fabric, civic entrepreneur Frank McCourt founded Unfinished, an organization working to strengthen civic life in the digital age, and Unfinished Labs, a research and development arm centered on redirecting technology to serve the common good. Unfinished Labs’ first project—the introduction of the open source Decentralized Social Networking Protocol—became the foundation of Project Liberty, an initiative to create a web that works better for all.

“This mission is urgent and very challenging . . . but possible. We are seeking to fundamentally transform the way the Internet works, and for whom it works. Make no mistake, our digital future is at risk. If we don’t take bold steps now, we may never wrestle control back from a powerful few.”

Frank McCourt
Chairman & CEO
Andrew McLaughlin
Former Deputy CTO of the US and former head of global public policy at Google

“The centralization of economic activity, political dialogue, and social life onto a handful of global tech platforms has created a large and interlocking set of vulnerabilities and threats. DSNP is a bold, promising, and concrete shared social infrastructure that applies known technologies, uses proven models of open source development, and embodies clear and vital values. It has all the right ingredients to be a profound game-changer.”

Vivian Schiller
Executive Director, Aspen Digital, a Program of the Aspen Institute

“Our online information ecosystem is feeding polarization, radicalization, and conspiracy theories — putting at risk the very health of our democracy. It’s time we embraced a new model that prioritizes equity, dignity, data privacy and civic values for the greater good. Project Liberty offers us a genuine alternative and the potential for a new era of online collaboration and innovation.”

Karl Fogel
Partner, Open Tech Strategies

“Technology that mediates human relationships should be shaped like human relationships: personal, decentralized, and guided by people, not corporations. A decentralized, open source social graph provides a foundation on which the natural way to build is also the human way.”

Paula Recart
President, Unfinished Media & Network

“We have in front of us the opportunity to forge a new path and reorient the web around people, not platforms. Project Liberty gives us modern tools to build, and rebuild, with healthier, higher standards. It has become clear that not only restoring, but strengthening our social fabric in this way is an essential and urgent undertaking–and a journey that is more successful the more voices we have at the decision-making table.”


Who stands behind project liberty?

A new model, incubated by the team at Unfinished

The engine behind Project Liberty’s first phase of work is Unfinished, an organization working to strengthen civic life in the digital age.

Frank McCourt

Chairman & CEO

Braxton Woodham

President, Labs

Paula Recart

President, Network & Media

Jacques-Henri Eyraud

President, McCourt EMEA

Alison McCauley

Chief Advocacy Officer

Amara Norman

Operations Coordinator

Barry Cohen

McCourt Trustee

Becca Herries

Executive Assistant

Bryan Manzo

Senior Accountant

Chris Chen

Product Manager

Christina Hwang

Program Manager

Christine Falche

Executive Assistant

Claire Olmstead

Application Developer

Dee Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Denise Duncan

Director, Program Management

Enddy Dumbrique

Blockchain Platform Developer

Harry Evans

Chief Technology Officer

Heather Finney

UX Designer

Jeff Ingram

McCourt Trustee

Joe Tropeano

Senior Coordinator of Impact

Josh Rothfus

Application Developer

Kila Englebrook

Director of Operations

Kiran Kadekar

General Counsel

Lara Galinsky

Director of Impact Innovations

Mara Abrams

Director of Impact Partnerships

Maribeth Carroll

Chief Human Resources Officer

Max Jenkins

Senior Manager, Research

Mike Litvack

Senior Director, Finance & Accounting

Peter Frank

Engineering Manager

Scott Bendar

Head of Software Engineering

Sebastian Dombrowski

Senior Android Developer

Shailesh Calib

Lead QA Engineer

Tatyana Guzeva

Experiential Production Lead

TJ Thomsen

Product Manager