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24 August 2023

Ethics vs. Profit: Stanford's Fred Turner on the Competing Forces that Drive Innovation and the Interplay with Ethics

This interview was conducted by Project Liberty's Institute as part of its effort to engage academics and build a global alliance for responsible technology to empower individuals and expand economic opportunities.

14 June 2023

Project Liberty Expands Global Alliance to Strengthen Democracy and Responsible Technology

Stanford joins Georgetown and Sciences Po as founding partners of Project Liberty's Institute to shape technical, ethical and governance infrastructure of the next-generation internet.

1 June 2023

How to Design a Decentralized Social Media Protocol

Project Liberty sat down with Dave Clark, an early contributor to the TCP/IP protocols that built and run the internet, and one of the expert advisors on DSNP, the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol.

10 May 2023

Project Liberty Collaborates with MIT Center for Constructive Communication and Cortico to Support Creation of Healthier Social Networks

An ambitious cross-disciplinary effort is launched to build healthier social networks.

1 May 2023
Transforming social media into a force for good

Transforming social media into a force for good

Today’s social media networks are divisive and even dangerous, but they don’t have to be. We can turn them into something positive – and the first step is owning our data.

21 September 2022

Project Liberty Welcomes 20-Million-Member Social Media Platform to DSNP, Enabling New Era of Decentralized Social Networking

Project Liberty is welcoming MeWe, a 20-million-member global social network, to the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP).

22 September 2023

Rethinking the Digital Public Sphere Governance with Kalli Giannelos

Kalli Giannelos received a grant in 2022 from Project Liberty’s Institute to conduct her research on the digital public sphere. Her paper “Recommendations for a healthy digital public sphere” is accessible here.

Project Liberty’s Institute advances impact research to foster technology for the common good. Kalli Giannelos' research provides actionable recommendations and perspectives to tackle critical challenges in the digital public sphere, making it highly useful in shaping a more responsible, inclusive, and ethical digital society.

11 September 2023

Why laws alone won’t protect kids online

There are growing concerns about the effect of social media on young people’s mental health. Do we need more than new laws to fix the problem?

8 September 2023

We Have The Tech To Build A Better Web, So Let’s Use It

Project Liberty CEO Martina Larkin addresses the moral imperative we have to regulate technology to make it safer for society.

31 August 2023

Unbundling the Social Media Stack - Could a Decentralized Protocol Bring Real Choice and Control?

Constance de Leusse from Project Liberty sat down with Wendy Seltzer, an advisor to the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP)

15 July 2023

Decentralized Technology: An Ethical Governance Solution for Responsible Innovation

From the infrastructure of the Internet itself, to narrower applications such as the Metaverse – the problem of regulation is showing up as an urgent concern. But what if regulation isn’t the only answer?

15 July 2023

Fostering Inclusive Global Collaboration for Ethical Technology: Insights from the African Consultations

Project Liberty's transcontinental conversations serve as a beacon guiding the path toward a more ethical, inclusive, and responsible digital society. The consultations held in Kenya revealed meaningful insights.

9 June 2023

New Global Initiative for “Ethical Principles for Responsible Technology” Launched with Latin America Consultations

The consultations took place in Costa Rica in June 2023 with participation from governments, international organizations, industry, investors, technologists, civil society and academia.

1 June 2023

The Future of the Social Web: Towards a Fair Personal Data Economy

This governance brief shows how the social web can become home to a personal data economy that is both fair and empowering for individuals, business and other organizations.

1 March 2023

Project Liberty's Institute Submission to the Global Digital Compact

The McCourt Institute submitted inputs on 3 areas of the Global Digital Compact consultation led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations: 1. Avoid internet fragmentation 2. Protect data 3. Apply human rights online.

5 December 2022

Project Liberty Welcomes Martina Larkin as CEO

World Economic Forum-veteran Martina Larkin begins tenure as Project Liberty's first CEO, will lead the nonprofit's comprehensive efforts to create a better internet for all.

21 November 2022

Frank McCourt Transitions to Executive Chairman of McCourt Global, Announces New Leadership for McCourt Global and Project Liberty

Former POLITICO Europe CEO Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson to become McCourt Global CEO, World Economic Forum-veteran Martina Larkin named first CEO of Project Liberty, and former Internet Society VP Constance Bommelaer de Leusse joins Project Liberty's McCourt Institute as Executive Director

24 May 2022

Tech Teams behind Project Liberty and Polkadot Join Forces to Advance Vision of Web3 that Empowers Users, Protects Privacy, and Unlocks Social Graph

New collaboration leverages the power of Polkadot's technology to advance Project Liberty's Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) as the core social layer of tomorrow's internet

10 March 2022

McCourt Institute Announces Recipients of 2022 Research Grants to Advance Ethical Technology and Digital Governance

Through support from Project Liberty, Sciences Po and Georgetown University will award grants to 28 researchers to support 17 projects focused on reimagining ethics, policy and governance for the digital age.

21 June 2021

Civic Entrepreneur Frank McCourt Launches Project Liberty, Transformational New Initiative To Enable Healthier, More Equitable Online Economy

$100 million investment will focus on building a more equitable internet.

1 May 2021

Social graph as a key to change

We believe a unified, universally accessible, and decentralized social graph is the essential first step in giving the Internet back to society. Let’s build it together.


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