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Project Liberty is building a better web for a better world. We are growing our team and seeking candidates with experience at the intersection of technology, impact, policy and insights.

Our work is guided first and foremost by our mindsets:

We believe in agency & trust.
We believe in pluralism & openness.
We believe in innovation & collaboration.
We believe in rigor & action.

Furthermore, we value our team members and provide financial benefits, as well as compelling healthcare benefits with premiums predominantly paid by Project Liberty to help meet the needs of our team and their families.

If you are interested in building a career with Project Liberty, we are looking for professionals who

  • Are looking to be a part of leading a movement of people who want reclaim a voice, choice, and stake in a better internet
  • Want to develop the next generation of digital infrastructure
  • Are looking for a more meaningful professional opportunity to merge community and social impact with financial results
  • Can take their own expertise and apply it to large scale changes at the intersection of technology, impact, policy, and insights
  • Please share your interest by uploading your resume and our team will reach out if we can identify a way to leverage your expertise in service of Project Liberty's mission

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  • Executive Assistant

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