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We convene academics, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, technologists and civil society leaders to advance technology for the common good.

Past Events

From salons to symposiums, large scale conferences to intimate gatherings, we host and attend events to gather with those committed to building a better web for a better world. Read about and watch our previous events below.

12 October 2022

Kara Swisher & Frank McCourt Discuss Tech, Democracy & the Future of the Internet

Founder Frank McCourt joined renowned journalist Kara Swisher at Georgetown University on October 12, 2022 for a candid discussion about technology, democracy and ways to create a more equitable internet and healthier social media models.

23 March 2023
Paris Blockchain Week

‘The Next Move of Governance Models’ at Paris Blockchain Week 2023

Panelists discuss how Web3 and decentralized technologies offer new challenges and possibilities for the next evolution of governance models.

28 March 2022

A Conversation with Frank McCourt and Frances Haugen

Project Liberty's Institute hosted Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen in conversation with Frank McCourt about the current state of Big Tech, regulations currently underway, and a better path for digital governance.

22 June 2023

Economic and social challenges in the digital age

Through presentations and a discussion of the related policy issues, academics and policy makers highlighted the most pressing threats, and their possible solutions, associated by the next generation of the web.

14 June 2023

Web3 & Digital Identity

Explores the possibilities and limits of Web3 technologies that allow the creation of decentralized and self-sovereign digital identities.

24 March 2023

From Regulating Web2 to Building Web3: Challenges and Opportunities for the Social Web

Project Liberty Founder Frank McCourt and Stanford Professors Rob Reich and Jeremy Weinstein discuss the governance of social media, the promise of decentralized technology and ways to harness emerging technology to support healthier digital communities and democratic societies.

24 January 2023

Web3 & Empowerment

Exploring the possible solutions that Web3 can represent in empowering communities, individuals and countries.

2 December 2022

Project Liberty urges stakeholders to collaborate for internet governance at IGF 2022

Project Liberty's Institute executive director, Constance Bommelaer de Leusse, participated in a panel conversation held by the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) called “Move Fast and Fix Policy! Advocacy in an era of rapid change"during the 17th annual IGF meeting hosted by the Government of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa.

2 December 2022

Web3 & Disinformation

Discussing the possible solutions that Web3 can represent in restoring trust in online content.

30 November 2022

Project Liberty Founder Frank McCourt Discusses Future of the Internet & Democracy with Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibargüen

Founder of Project Liberty Frank McCourt spoke at the Knight Foundation’s “Informed: Conversations on Democracy in the Digital Age” conference on November 30, 2022.

15 November 2022

Web3 & Digital Democracy

Panelists explore how a decentralized web could protect democracy.

11 October 2022

Web3 & Privacy

Panelists discuss how a decentralized web could protect user data and privacy.

17 June 2022

Law & Technology: Sciences Po Law School 10th Graduate Conference

The theme of the conference was “Law & Technology.”

4 April 2022

Why it’s time to reset the internet

Frank McCourt speaks at Georgetown University about technology policy, the potential of new tech models, and why it’s time to reset the internet.

16 November 2021

Frank McCourt Discusses Digital Ethics and Governance at Paris Peace Forum

McCourt, founder of Project Liberty, joined Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, and Nighat Dad, a member of Facebook's Oversight Board, for a panel on digital governance.


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