Towards a Responsible Decentralized Ecosystem: Unveiling Project Liberty Institute and Blockchaingov's Blockchain Governance Toolkit

5 June 2024

By Sarah Nicole

At the heart of Project Liberty's mission is a commitment to ensuring people have agency and control over their data, a voice in the governance of digital platforms, and an economic stake in the value created by their data.

Project Liberty Institute has embarked with BlockchainGov on a year-long research initiative on the governance of blockchain networks and decentralized systems, exploring ways for communities to design governance models that allow people to be represented and express their voices. 15 experts formed the multistakeholder council that guided our thinking throughout the initiative.

We are thrilled to unveil "The Blockchain Governance Toolkit - A Cookbook for a Resilient and Robust Ecosystem", the final outcome of our research endeavor.

After investigating the governance dynamics of 11 leading blockchain networks, this toolkit translates our insights into actionable tools and recommendations aiming to pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable technological ecosystem, at large.

Through this toolkit, we aim to help governance designers develop resilient and robust governance systems for their respective blockchain networks, considering their respective preferences, goals, and contexts.

Given that there is no one-size-fits-all governance system for any digital system, together with BlockchainGov, we opted to structure this report as a toolkit (a cookbook) rather than a technical manual so that we can present multiple governance solutions (recipes), each with their unique features (flavors).

Hungry for more choice and voice in the technology that impacts your daily life?

Have a look at our Blockchain Governance Design Cookbook!

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