Project Liberty Institute

Project Liberty Institute a 501(c)(3) founded by Frank McCourt, is bringing together technologists, academics, policymakers, civil society and citizens to build a safer, healthier tech ecosystem. The Institute has an international partner network that includes Georgetown University, Stanford University, and other leading academic institutions and civic organizations.

Project Liberty Institute is the steward of the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) which is available as a public utility to serve as the bedrock of a more equitable web and support a new era of innovation that empowers people over platforms and serves the common good. 


Insights draws on quantitative and qualitative research among experts and the general public to advance evidence-based solutions for a global digital economy, where people have a greater voice, choice and stake in how their online data, identities, and social networks are both shared and safe-guarded. The Insights team works at the intersection of technology, policy, and governance innovation.

Institute Reports

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Towards a Responsible Decentralized Ecosystem: Unveiling Project Liberty Institute and Blockchaingov’s Blockchain Governance Toolkit

Responsible technology: A path towards an ethical innovation ecosystem

Responsible technology: A path towards an ethical innovation ecosystem

Research Network

The Insights team manages Project Liberty Institute’s research network, which includes institutional partners at Georgetown University, Stanford University, MIT, Harvard, and ETH Zurich. The Insights team collaborates with its academic partners to identify, and fund, research that will advance understanding of the conditions and factors affecting people’s voice, choice, and stake in the global digital economy. The Insights team plays a coordinating and consultative role across the research network. All research is independently designed, executed, and reported by partner institutions. All projects are required to publicly report results, including in refereed, academic journals.

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Project Liberty Institute Team

  • Jeb Bell headshot

    Jeb Bell

    Head of Strategic Insights

  • Paul Fehlinger headshot

    Paul Fehlinger

    Director of Policy, Governance Innovation & Impact

  • Sarah Nicole headshot

    Sarah Nicole

    Policy & Research Senior Associate

  • Erik Suhonen headshot

    Erik Suhonen

    Head of Ecosystem Growth

  • Jessica Theodule headshot

    Jessica Theodule

    Research Manager of Strategic Insights

  • Sara Wekselblatt headshot

    Sara Wekselblatt

    Finance & HR Senior Manager

DSNP Advisors

  • David Clark headshot

    David Clark

    Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

  • Lawrence Lessig headshot

    Lawrence Lessig

    Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School

  • Alex "Sandy" Pentland headshot

    Alex “Sandy” Pentland

    Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT

  • Deb Roy headshot

    Deb Roy

    Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT // Director of the MIT Center for Constructive Communication // Founder and CEO of Cortico

  • Wendy Seltzer headshot

    Wendy Seltzer

    Principal Identity Architect at Tucows

  • Sara Wedeman headshot

    Sara Wedeman

    Founder and owner of Behavioral Economics Consulting Group

  • Audrey Tang headshot

    Audrey Tang

    Taiwan's First Digital Minister

Project Liberty Institute Board of Directors

  • Frank McCourt headshot

    Frank McCourt

    Founder of Project Liberty

  • Tomicah Tillemann headshot

    Tomicah Tillemann

    President, Project Liberty; Interim CEO Project Liberty Institute

  • Alberto Beeck headshot

    Alberto Beeck

    Co-founder and Chairman, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

  • Maria Cancian headshot

    Maria Cancian

    Dean of the McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

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