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Project Liberty Alliance

About The Project Liberty Alliance

The Project Liberty Alliance consists of nearly 100 organizations—tech companies, policy groups, impact initiatives, academic institutions, and more—committed to a people-powered internet.

The Alliance serves as a learning and collaboration engine through which members of the community can advance its organizational goals, all while strengthening the overlaps in our missions. It is designed as a way to share learnings, build relationships, and spark collaborations throughout the responsible tech ecosystem and related fields.

Project Liberty Alliance Engagement

Monthly Pop-ups: Our virtual pop-ups offer occasions for Alliance members to showcase current projects, host workshops and interviews, and engage in discussions that explore how their work intersects with current events. 

Listserv: Alliance members use the channel to communicate organizational updates, invite members to events, and share relevant field information.

Opportunity for Connections: Project Liberty facilitates connections among Alliance organizations to bolster our work and strengthen the collaborative efforts among members. Furthermore, Alliance members are encouraged to participate in Project Liberty’s events, gatherings, and strategic initiatives. 

How To Join

To join the Project Liberty Alliance, please review and submit the following interest form. Once submitted, we will reach out to set up a time to connect our teams. Of note, there are no formal engagement requirements, but we ask that your organization is aligned in mission (only organizations can join). More information on the Alliance can be found in this form

Alliance Members

The Alliance continues to develop and grow. Here are our members, but for more detailed information, visit our directory here.

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