Project Liberty Launches Safe Tech, Safe Kids Focused on Youth Mental Health and Social Media

19 October 2023

The global impact organization is partnering with organizations that are committed to digital experiences that ensure the safety and well-being of our youth.

Project Liberty, a global impact organization, today announced the launch of “Safe Tech, Safe Kids” a year-long campaign bringing together a team of organizations, technologists and activists who believe that technology should be safe for young people. The campaign aims to build awareness and drive action around the issue of technology’s impact on the mental health of children around the world. Together with impact organizations across the globe, Project Liberty will build momentum behind the solutions that will prioritize young people’s well-being and health first.

As the adverse impact of digital technology on young people is rising, so is widespread understanding and political will to create change. Policymakers around the world are eager to demonstrate leadership and action – responding to a growing body of research including the US Surgeon General’s warning about social media and the resulting mental health crisis, global stories with tragic consequences, and shifting public opinion.

Safe Tech, Safe Kids will elevate the voices of young people, parents, and other key stakeholders impacted by harmful tech and social media models, and spotlight ideas, innovators, and initiatives that show that a better way is not only necessary but possible.

The Safe Tech, Safe Kids campaign is a multi-pronged effort to raise awareness of the impact that big tech and social media are having on a generation who have never known a world without it. The campaign will work with young leaders and allies who have lived experiences with the harms caused by tech and who can shed a light into action that can be taken to keep kids safe and thriving online today.

“We are facing a youth mental health crisis related to the use of social media. Most families, educators and young people themselves know the challenges of social media, but are left with few avenues to and support to address it. The burden is largely put on the individuals,” said Martina Larkin, CEO of Project Liberty. “We are launching the Safe Tech, Safe Kids campaign to bring about actionable change and do more than just raise awareness around the dangers of social media and the impact that technology is having on today’s young people, but will go further to call for accountability from those who could make the biggest difference: lawmakers and tech companies.”

To draw attention to these issues and bring attention to potential remedies. Project Liberty is engaging in a series of initiatives across the next year including:

  • An event in Washington D.C. (October 23, 2023) hosted by Issue One entitled Safe Tech, Safe Kids: Confronting Social Media’s Harms to Youth. Bringing together stakeholders from across children’s advocacy, tech reform, pediatrics, religious, and other communities for a comprehensive, 360 degree look at how social media impacts our children
  • Responsible Tech Mixer in New York City on Nov 15th hosted by All Tech Is Human. Bringing together technologists and youth for a conversation about young people’s experience with social media platforms and those who built them

Visit our website to learn more about Safe Tech, Safe Kids and share your experiences with social media and the impact it has had on you or your loved ones.

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