Project Liberty Founder Frank McCourt speaks at Web Summit

15 November 2023

Frank McCourt was joined on stage by Ryan Heath, Global Technology Correspondent at Axios to talk about Project Liberty and the need for a better internet

On November 14, 2023, at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, Project Liberty's founder, Frank McCourt, announced Project Liberty's Manifesto, declaring the need to create a better web and better world.

Frank’s fireside chat with Axios Global Technology Correspondent, Ryan Heath, underscored the urgent need for a fundamental overhaul of the internet, characterizing it as a crucial step toward fundamentally changing the systems flaws.

During his mainstage session, Frank outlined a radical re-envisioning of the internet and the need for a new tech infrastructure – one that empowers people over platforms and enables us all to reclaim ownership of our data, our digital identity, and control of our online networks.

On stage, Frank discussed a strategic approach for Web 2.0 companies to migrate their users and customers, at scale, to a healthier digital architecture by utilizing Project Liberty’s decentralized social networking protocol (DSNP). This migration is happening now – and it's the start of a new era for social media outside of Big Tech's closed, centralized platforms.

Building an internet optimized for people instead of Big Tech's profits won't be easy, and as Frank says, "This is a David vs. Goliath story, and we have a big task ahead of us". We can build a better web that empowers and connects individuals, prioritizes users agencyover their data, instead of machines. By doing so, we can restore competition, revive innovation,
and rescue capitalism by creating a vibrant new digital ecosystem – not by expanding our broken one.

We encourage you to read our manifesto, provide us with feedback and share it with your family and friends. What we are building is a broad coalition that cares about democracy, data privacy, and individual freedoms.


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