Consultations land in Japan for the Asian Segment of the Ethical Principles for Responsible Technology Initiative

Nov 26, 2023 News & Insights

The global consultation tour continued its journey in Asia. The two Asian consultations were held on October 8-9, 2024 on the sideline of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kyoto, Japan. Project Liberty Institute together with its convening partner, Aspen Digital led these two consultations in Asia to success.

Kyoto Consultations and High-Level Participation Unveil Key Insights

Before taking the initiative on its last stop in North America, two consultations took place in Kyoto, engaging key actors from business, government, technical community, academia, and international organizations. With great expertise in the room, the consultations yielded comprehensive insights and actionable principles for responsible technology development.

The consultations were highly productive, emphasizing the significance of fundamental principles such as human rights, transparency, and respect for the rule of law. Major outcomes included recognizing the evolving impact of technology on legal applications, the importance of language precision, and the need to maintain existing laws while expanding them to address emerging challenges.

A Public Discussion Towards Ethical Principles for Responsible Technology

This interactive and engaging town hall part of the official IGF program, gathered many attendees, including stakeholders from the consultations, who actively contributed valuable insights and knowledge to identify operational ethical principles for responsible technology.

The diverse panel of experts, featuring Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud from the OECD, Paul Twomey of the Global Initiative for Digital Empowerment, Hiroki Habuka from Kyoto University, and Vivian Schiller, the Executive Director of Aspen Digital, provided a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective on the subject. Moderated by Paul Fehlinger, Director of Policy, Governance Innovation & Impact at Project Liberty Institute, the discussion flowed seamlessly, creating a collaborative atmosphere that enriched the exploration of ethical principles in the realm of technology.

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